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Eduqas Chemistry for Yr 1 & AS: Study & Revision Guide

Author(s): Peter Blake, Elfed Charles, Kathryn Foster

awarding body: Eduqas

level: A Level Year 1 & AS

isbn: 978-1-908682-68-0

subject: Chemistry

Pages: 156pp



Endorsed by Eduqas, this Study and Revision Guide is designed to accompany students through the course and prepare them for the final exams  


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Written by experienced teachers and examiners

Provides the essential underpinning knowledge your students will need to recap and revise the studies, theories and key terms in their course

Supports the development of skills students need to correctly interpret and answer the new exam questions

Includes plenty of practice questions, with commentaries so students can see where mistakes are typically made and where extra marks can be gained

Exam practice and technique section offers advice on how exam questions are set and marked



The Language of Chemistry, Structure of Matter and Simple reactions
1.1 Formulae and equations
1.2 Basic ideas about atoms
1.3 Chemical calculations
1.4 Bonding
1.5 Solid structures
1.6 The periodic table
1.7 Chemical equilibrium and acid-base reactions

Energy, Rate and the Chemistry of Carbon Compounds
2.1 Thermochemistry
2.2 Rates of reaction
2.3 The wider aspect of chemistry
2.4 Organic compounds and their reactions
2.5 Hydrocarbons
2.6 Halogenoalkanes
2.7 Alcohols
2.8 Instrumental analysis

Exam practice and technique
Questions and answers
Quickfire answers


About the authors:

Peter Blake is a former senior lecturer in Chemistry at St Andrews and Cardiff Universities.  He has been an examiner for A Level Chemistry for a number of years, during which time he has been involved in both specification revision and the authoring of study materials.

Elfed Charles has thirty years of experience teaching in secondary schools, has experience of senior management and is a Principal Examiner in Chemistry at A Level for a major awarding body.

Kathryn Foster is a former Head of Science at a Sixth Form College.  She has many years of experience teaching Chemistry A Level and is a Principal Examiner for Chemistry with a major awarding body.