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Eduqas Chemistry for A Level Yr 2: Student Book

Author(s): Rhodri Thomas, David Ballard

awarding body: Eduqas

level: A Level Year 2

isbn: 978-1-908682-67-3

subject: Chemistry

Pages: 223pp



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Written by a team of authors experienced in teaching and examining Chemistry A Level

Changes to content within topics and levels of required knowledge for the new spec are clearly defined

Thorough support for the assessment objectives is provided with clear explanations of the new assessment weightings

Tests, activities, questions and examples provide plenty of opportunities to test students' understanding and knowledge

Exam support sections introduce students to exam-style practice questions, new assessment objectives and guide students on the skills they need for assessment



Component 1 Physical and Inorganic Chemistry


3.1 Redox and standard electrode potential

3.2 Redox

3.3 Chemistry of the p-block

3.4 Chemistry of the d-block transition metals

3.5 Chemical kinetics

3.6 Enthalpy changes for solids and solutions

3.7 Entropy and feasibility of reactions

3.8 Equilibrium constants

3.9 Acid-base equilibria

Component 2 Organic Chemistry and Analysis


4.1 Stereoisomerism

4.2 Aromaticity

4.3 Alcohols and phenols

4.4 Aldehydes and ketones

4.5 Carboxylic acids and their derivatives

4.6 Amines

4.7 Amino acids, peptides and proteins

4.8 Organic synthesis and analysis

Component 3 Chemistry in Practice




About the authors:

David Ballard is a former Head of Chemistry with many years' experience of teaching in secondary and further education in England.  He is an experienced examiner and teacher, and is currently Chief Examiner for A Level Chemistry for a leading awarding body.

Rhodri Thomas is currently a Deputy Head with many years' experience of teaching Chemistry in schools and universities in the UK and overseas.  He is an experienced examiner and is currently a Principal Examiner for A Level Chemistry for a major awarding body.