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Our range of A Level Science student books and study and revision guides has been specifically developed to help you comprehensively deliver the new WJEC and Eduqas specifications. You can see our fantastic range below.

Written by a team of experienced teachers and senior examiners, these vibrant and engaging resources provide complete support for the new qualifications and our AS/Year 1 and A2/Year 2 books are the only ones to be endorsed by WJEC and Eduqas.

Also available: Maths Course Companions for A Level Biology, A Level Chemistry and A Level Physics


Student Books

See below for the full range of Student Books

Vibrant and colourful student books to inspire and motivate!

  • Complete coverage of the new course content with an accessible and appealing design to engage your students
  • Each topic includes detailed explanations and underpinning knowledge, all written in clear, uncomplicated language
  • The new practical work requirements are supported throughout to help students perfect their practical skills
  • Plenty of exam-style practice questions and guidance ensure the best possible preparation for the new exams
  • Thorough support for the assessment objectives with clear explanations of the new assessment weightings

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Study and Revision Guides

See below for the full range of Study and Revision Guides

These study and revision guides are designed to make your students' revision fly!

  • Written by experienced teachers and examiners, these comprehensive guides provide the best possible support for your students
  • All the essential underpinning knowledge your students will need to recap and revise
  • Help students develop the skills they need to correctly interpret and answer the new exam questions
  • Packed with practice questions, with teacher commentaries, so students can see where mistakes are typically made and where extra marks can be gained

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WJEC & Eduqas A Level Biology: A Student Guide to Practical Work

An essential study companion for WJEC AS and A2 Level and Eduqas Year 1 & AS and A Level Year 2 Biology students

  • Written by experienced teacher and senior examiner Marianne Izen
  • Examples of practical tasks are used throughout to help reinforce and illustrate practical skills
  • Practical tips and Grade boost tips provide advice on completing tasks and assessments and how to enhance performance in the practical assessments and exams
  • A glossary gives concise meanings of many of the technical terms used in practical work

For full details of each title in the WJEC and Eduqas series, click on the thumbnails below



Maths for A Level Sciences

Boost their confidence with these essential course companions

  • Specifically designed to help students tackle the maths in their A Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses
  • Covers all the maths skills they will need as they progress through their AS or A Level course
  • A two-part approach provides a thorough grounding in the maths techniques in part one, with detailed calculations using appropriate maths in part two
  • Clearly explains each mathematical concept with plenty of worked examples, and practical advice on how to avoid common misunderstandings when making calculations

For full details of each title click on the thumbnails below

These titles are suitable for all A Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses from AQA, Pearson, OCR, WJEC, CCEA, the International Baccalaureate and the Cambridge Pre-U