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AQA Psychology for A Level Year 1 & AS Student Book

"I found the book very easy to use. The broad subject matter seemed much less of a challenge when broken down into such clear sections. The tips about common misunderstandings and definitions are great. I also particularly like the multiple choice 'quizzes' at the end of each chapter as they gave me confidence about how much information I had learnt and highlighted any key topics that may not have quite sunk in. Overall an excellent way to get to grips with the syllabus."  Becca Gattrell, self studying A level student

5 out of 5 stars review, Waterstones

"Fantastic content and presentation.  Having seen this I'm a lot more relaxed about teaching the new spec. I can totally see how students will get their AO1, AO2 and AO3 - my planning time has just been cut significantly! It's AQA endorsed but unlike some endorsed books this one is really readable.”

5 out of 5 stars Amazon reviews:

"This book follows the new AQA specification perfectly and is an outstanding resource to prepare for exams and revision."

"A fantastic guide to the new spec "

"Great to read a text book that is centred around the user yet also invaluable for the teacher. And love the digital bundle.  At last a book fit for purpose for the 21st century. "

"The chapter looks amazing! Engaging, great layout and student friendly.  We're excited to see more and use it next year!  Head of Psychology, Newbury


AQA Psychology for A Level Year 1 & AS Digital Book Bundle

Q:  "Does anyone know of any good websites or online resources which are interactive and exciting? "

A: "Have you got the Illuminate digital online book? That's really good!"

Two teachers posting on an online forum 11/11/15

"This is an excellent resource for the new specification that provides a series of visually engaging topic areas that focus well on the requirements of the new exam. The accompanying digital bundle gives the students the opportunity to further develop the independent study skills that are an essential requirement for success at A level."  Mark Jones, South Gloucestershire and Stroud College

"I'm going with the green hair book, due to the online bundle.  We are buying a class set of books to stay in school and all homeworks etc will be set using the online bundle.  If you have enough money I think it's well worth the investment, it has fantastic resources on there for teachers as well as students, for example links to clips, online quizzes with answers to allow students to mark etc.  I think it's fab, so far everything matches up well with the Spec too (I'm as far as planning for the second paper now) so have really studied it."  Teacher posting on online teacher forum, July 2015

"Our students find the Year 1 DBB really useful and I have found it an excellent teaching resource." Head of Psychology, Buckinghamshire


AQA Psychology for A Level Year 1 & AS  Revision Guide

"This book is the eagerly awaited companion to the popular ‘green haired girl’ and also complements the revision app….lots of useful information about exam technique, assessment and key skills at the beginning of the book, which will help students to maximise their results. The practice exam questions on each double page spread are a godsend. Double bonus in that you can download answers too. I’ve recommended this book to my students."  Deb Gajic, Head of Psychology, The Polesworth School

5 out of 5 stars Amazon reviews:

"Really good for students that might be struggling to refine knowledge down to basics for AO1. Really impressed with the way the authors have shown students how to develop AO3 points. Complements the full 'green hair' book perfectly and makes revision more manageable as the content in the new spec is pretty huge."

"The breakdown of each section of the course was amazing. The evaluation points are what makes this book 5/5 stars."

"Really useful and broke down all relevant pieces of information into basics, highly recommended :) "

"Actually managed to make revision fun, good job !! Highly recommend."


AQA Psychology for A Level Year 2: Student Book

5 out of 5 stars Amazon reviews:

"Brilliant! Nicely laid out. A01 on the left, A03 on the right. "Apply it" examples really help you to understand the content. Brilliant visual pictures also. A very fun and engaging book to use."

"This book is very valuable for the AQA a-level course. It is full of colour and vibrant images which can help to reduce the burden revision can present. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is thinking of buying it. It is detailed with the content you need to know but concise in that it does not drag information but elaborately expands on keypoints. AO1's are found on the left and AO3's on the right plus apply it questions to give a sense of the context questions which will be asked in the exam. The first few spreads present an overview of the examinations and what they consist of as well as marks, duration and content and the end has a breakdown of the AO's"

"A great resource for A level Psychology! The pages are beautifully and clearly written with titles and subtitles that link clearly to the specification making learning and revision as easy as possible. I can't stress enough how essential this book is to doing your psychology A level!"

"Great quality, great book. It is the most useful textbook to use if you are studying A level Year 2 psychology with the AQA exam board."


AQA Psychology for A Level Year 2: Revision Guide

"This book is the companion to the popular ‘pink haired girl’ and also complements the revision app.  It has some useful additions to the main book which make it a very worthwhile buy.  For example, there is lots of useful information about exam technique, assessment and key skills at the beginning of the book, which will help students to maximise their results. 

I’ve recommended this book to my students and know the keen and eager ones will buy it. They will find it particularly useful as we already use the digital version as our class text."

Deb Gajic, Head of Psychology, The Polesworth School


5 out of 5 stars Amazon reviews:

"A really useful revision guide and a much slimmed down version of the textbook. Clearly summarised content of a frankly, too overloaded syllabus and each topic is laid out as A01 and suggested material to shape to A03 content in the familiar PEE format. There is sufficient material for a 16 mark answer on each topic without being overcomplex. I'm recommending it to my students."

"Very good"

"Best revision guide"

"Extremely helpful"


AQA Psychology for A Level Year 1 & AS Flashbook

“This handy pocket sized Flashbook is a fabulous revision aid to supplement the excellent and much loved ‘green haired girl’ book, and is well within the price range of students. There is a double sized flashcard for each bullet point on the specification.  One side is split into AO1 and AO3 and the other side has multiple choice questions to check knowledge. It also includes links to the relevant pages in the textbook so students can revisit any gaps in their knowledge.

When I showed these to my students they were very impressed and felt they would really help them with their revision.  In fact one student was so keen I gave her my inspection copy. Overall, an excellent addition to your students’ revision repertoire."

Deb Gajic (CPsychol, AFBPsS), Head of Psychology, The Polesworth School


AQA GCSE Psychology Student Book

"Excellent. I bought this for my nephew's GCSE. He is delighted with it, as it gives him the confidence to do his homework, without constantly referring to everything online. It has already proved very helpful to him. It is well written and I would highly recommend it." 5 star Amazon review


AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition: Student Book

"Visual and clear, well set out.  An excellent book, well written, would highly recommend, well researched and informative." 5 star Amazon review


AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition: Revision Guide

“The engaging pages of this revision guide offer students plenty of useful techniques to help in a practical way, reinforce their learning, revise and prepare for the exam. The layout is clear and easy to follow and will encourage students to work through the book both in class and at home. With its attractive, bright, unpretentious layout and pertinent illustrations which relate to student's lives, this revision guide will stimulate and encourage revision. The extensive amount of different and differentiated revision activities, tips and advice provide support for both students and teachers.“  Joe Mann, Food Teachers Centre



5 star Amazon reviews:

"This is an excellent resource for the AQA GCSE course in Drama. Packed full of useful resources, particularly for the set texts. I would recommend this book both for teachers and students."

"Fabulous! Just what I needed to help with this new spec. Full of useful advice and crucial tips to succeed."

"This book is full of very practical resources, excellent teaching suggestions, pupil friendly exam speak, sample responses, and some brilliant guidance on the set texts for the written exam. I'd recommend to any Drama teacher (of AQA or other boards) to inspire and gently guide your pupils through the GCSE. My favourite thing is the quotes from theatre practitioners that run through the book, supporting both performing and design students with something I've not seen elsewhere."

"Definitely worth a purchase. It is full of easily accessible explanations and practical ideas for the classroom for both student and teacher. Would highly recommend, especially those new to GCSE."


Edexcel Psychology for A Level Year 1 & AS

“This textbook is a must for the classroom, the authors have succeeded in creating a comprehensive but easy to read psychology resource dedicated to the Edexcel specification, which clearly lays out what students need to know for the exam and how to achieve success.  I cannot recommend it enough.”  Jackie Moody, ATP Magazine Review June 2018


WJEC Level 3 Applied Certificate & Diploma Criminology

5 out of 5 stars Amazon reviews:

"This is an excellently written book, with a student friendly focus throughout. It is packed with helpful hints and tips, providing extra scenarios and other sources to extend and challenge the knowledge of the current Criminology syllabus. It is a must have companion for any Criminology student!" 

"This book is very well written, easy to understand and enjoyable to read. I couldn’t have done my exam without it and will continue to use it religiously for my next exam and upcoming controlled assessment. Would 100% recommend and it’s worth every penny!!"

"Fantastic book that is easy to read and understand. The author clearly has extremely good knowledge. A range of exam questions included with exemplar answers. They have included case studies which students can use within their coursework and exams. It is clearly laid out in terms of units and assessment criteria which allows it to be student friendly. Would definitely encourage students to buy as it will cover the whole 2 year course and has everything needed to be successful."

"An excellent textbook for teachers delivering Level 3 Criminology. Covers all units with accessible content and great activities and hints. Sample answers are very helpful! A must have!"


WJEC GCSE Food and Nutrition: Student Book

"I love your book!  As a non-specialist, I have been using it as my main planning resource to ensure students are well prepared for their exam."


Eduqas GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition: Student Book

"The sample pages of your book look very informative, appear to follow the specification well and I think it will appeal to my students."  Head of GCSE Food, The Earls High School


Eduqas Biology for A Level Yr1 & AS: Student Book

"Good explanations of the concepts. Useful and informative photographs and diagrams. Useful practical exercises at the end of each topic." 5 star Amazon review


WJEC Biology for AS: Study & Revision Guide

"5 stars. Very concise, yet contains all the essential information needed for revision. Is suitable for the first year of the course starting in 2015. The book is also relatively small, which makes it useful for revising for tests." 5 star Amazon review


WJEC Biology for A2 Student Book

5 out of 5 stars Amazon reviews:

"Very uesful and well written."

"Just what I needed."


WJEC Chemistry for AS: Study & Revision Guide

"This book is very good for WJEC AS Level Chemistry. Lots of questions and helpful hints." 5 star Amazon review


WJEC Chemistry for A2: Student Book

"This book is very useful for WJEC Chemistry A2. There is not a lot of resources for WJEC Chemistry A2 so this book is very useful and includes everything that is mentioned in the specification." 5 star Amazon review


WJEC Physics for AS Study & Revision Guide

"This book is fantastic- it gets straight to the things you need for the exam it doesn't have extra irrelevant information that just wastes your time. I think if you are doing physics as with WJEC this is a definite Best Buy it, it helped me so much!" 5 star Amazon review


WJEC Physics for A2: Student Book

"This book is very useful for WJEC Physics A2. There is not a lot of resources for WJEC so this book is very useful. It has end of topic exercises and covers everything that is mentioned in the specification." 5 star Amazon review


EPQ Toolkit for AQA

"I would like to commend the authors and yourselves for producing such an excellent, detailed and beautifully designed aid"

5 out of 5 star Amazon reviews:

"This book was a great help whilst I was completing my EPQ.  Each stage had examples of previous projects and I found this particularly helpful when writing my own report.  It also gave guidance on how to set out your report and all the planning stages too.  I would recommend this book for anyone completing the EPQ."

"This is a brilliant book. If you are delivering the EPQ you need this students' guide; it successfully 'walks' students through the whole EPQ process. It is equally useful to EPQ supervisors and coordinators. The Production Log exemplar pages with moderator's comments are particularly useful."

"Definitely recommended...I'm currently working on my EPQ and I have found this guide so useful. If I have any queries or concerns I know I will probably find my answer in this book. I find having examples of future tasks especially beneficial since I can now pre-empt any issues I may face and resolve them in advance. Regardless of specific subject area, I can definitely recommend this guide to fellow EPQ students. "

"A brilliant resource for a brilliant idea..This is a very comprehensive book for anyone undertaking the EPQ - which incidentally, is a brilliant thing to do as it really encourages in depth study and research and develops skills in project management which has got to be Useful for both higher education and working life. It's written and presented in an engaging and dynamic way - and is exactly what it says - a toolkit. Useful and highly recommended. "

"Very worthwhile...So far this book as been really helpful whilst I've been doing my EPQ. The examples included, e.g pre project proposal, have been great as its given me an idea on how to set out my project. Overall a great book & would definitely recommend to anyone doing the EPQ."


OCR Geology for A Level & AS

"Modern textbooks have to serve at least three masters, each wanting something different, but the authors of the new 'Geology for A level & AS' have done a remarkable job. Teachers are given clear summaries of current theories, many of which have only reached consensus in the last decade, in a book that supports their teaching rather than undermining it. Students are given an accessible reference book, that gives coverage of OCR A level, but in a way that allows students to explore the content, appreciate wider applications and consider areas for stretch and challenge. For those just interested in teaching themselves geology or undergraduates looking for an all in one primer this book does the job; bang up-to-date, comprehensive coverage and an arresting visual presentation.
This edition is a complete revision that make it usable as an introductory text for any geology student, and for other specifications including Eduqas/WEJEC.
It is particularly pleasing to find diagrams and summaries from contemporary review papers and university textbooks. The authors have completely revised visual material too and they have done an excellent job in trimming away the fat to replace it with prime content. There is a lot in these 320 pages and it certainly rewards rereading and casting an eye back to enrich their understanding as students progress in their learning." 
5-star Amazon Review

WJEC Eduqas GCSE Film Studies (2017)

“Outstanding course book - informed and guaranteed to arouse interest and provide knowledge.”  Amazon 5-star review


WJEC GCSE Film Studies: Study and Revision Guide

"A very comprehensive study and revision resource which will really help students of GCSE Film Studies. Students will get help on all aspects of the subject - film language, the superhero genre and films outside Hollywood as well as the controlled assessment. The book is very well-illustrated with plenty of examples and lots of useful tips."


WJEC GCSE Child Development

"Fantastic, colourful, eye-catching.  Love the revision tips, the illustrations are well labelled, and exam questions are relevant."
"Detailed notes, helped me in my controlled assignment."
"Colourful.  The table on vitamins and minerals really helped me."

Child Development teacher, and her Year 11 students, Powys

"We have a class set and find it a really helpful and supportive resource.  I particularly appreciate the essay work at the end of each topic chapter."  
Vocational Coordinator, Manchester


WJEC/Eduqas Media Studies for A Level Year 1 & AS

“As an experienced Media teacher who has contributed to media textbooks myself, I am very impressed with this book. Theories are explained concisely without over-simplification and with clear application to the study texts. The book is also attractive and readable. One of the plusses of the limited new A level specification is that this book will remain current for at least a couple of years. I've ordered a class-room set and am insisting all my students buy a copy. This is the first time I've ever done this in thirty years of media and film teaching!” Amazon 5-star review

“I haven't started teaching the new spec yet, but this looks to be a really clear textbook. I'm particularly pleased with the brief, simple summaries of all the theory involved in the new A Level course. This will be really useful for students.” Amazon 5-star review


WJEC/Eduqas Religious Studies for A Level Yr 1 & AS: Philosophy of Religion, Religion and Ethics

5 out of 5 stars Amazon reviews:

"Brilliant. Really good book, good pictures, key quotes and questions and has context on it too."

"Very helpful with my first year revision! Includes a range of relevant information about the course."

"Five stars. I would recommend this product :) x "


WJEC/Eduqas Religious Studies For A Level Year 1 & AS - Buddhism

“Even though I don’t teach the Eduqas spec, but the Edexcel, this is a fantastic book. Summarises the topics beautifully, lots of quotes included and exam tips as well.”

5 star Amazon review


WJEC Eduqas GCSE Sociology

“The book is expertly written with up-to-date and classic studies used to support theories and arguments. The pupils have found the content to be easy to follow and the book has allowed me to use innovative tasks to plan exiting lessons. I have been waiting a long time to find a textbook that signposts the keys skills such as applying knowledge; using examples and; making comparisons with other aspects of  the course. The authors of this inspiring book have done this with aplomb. It is without reservation that I recommend the book to both experienced and inexperienced teachers. A must buy!

Lee Poole, Head of Year and Head of Sociology, Katharine Lade Berkeley School.


WJEC/Eduqas Sociology for AS & Year 1 Student Book

5 out of 5 star reviews:

“Excellent Book!! This is a fantastic book - for teachers or students.  Informative, entertaining, well-presented with good tasks, stretch exercises and extended writing and exam question ideas.”

“Five stars: “Well written. Very accessible.”

"Great! Exactly what I needed for my A levels, the content is very in depth for those who find it hard to grasp new subjects."


WJEC/Eduqas Sociology A2 Student Book

“The content is good and covers the syllabus well in terms of knowledge and understanding. It is up to date and relevant with some great activities to get learners engaged with the material.”  REVIEWER

"Five stars. Great product in great condition, exactly what I nedded." 5 star Amazon review


WJEC GCSE Cymraeg Ail Iaith Welsh Second Language: Revision Guide (Language Skills and Practice)

"The book contains bilingual practice questions and examples for the various aspects of the new specification. It is a very good revision guide for pupils but also an excellent resource for teachers. The book is easy to follow and the tips and revision aids are extremely useful. An excellent resource for pupils and teachers, ardderchog!" 5 star Amazon review