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About us

What we do:

We are an award-winning independent publisher of high-quality, inspirational learning resources for teachers and students.

We publish across a wide range of secondary subjects and work with teachers, students, examiners, subject experts, and awarding bodies to ensure that everything we publish is of the highest possible quality.

Our materials include engaging textbooks, portable revision guides, innovative web-based digital resources and a series of revision apps.

In 2015 we won the Independent Publishing Guild (IPG) award for Education Publisher of the Year.

Meet the team:

Rick Jackman:

Rick Rick’s first love is publishing. He has worked for all the big educational publishers developing academic and vocational resources for schools and colleges. Rick helps coordinate the marketing and promotion of our resources. He loves music and misses his hair terribly. He’s too old to go to Glastonbury (something even the postie pointed out when delivering his ticket once), but he can’t quite give it up and plans to take his kids with him very soon, whether they want to go with him or not.

Peter Burton:

Pete Peter loves the publishing just as much as Rick does. He followed great success as a publisher with ten years as a Publishing Director, before working with Rick to set Illuminate up. His head for numbers and natural charm means he also takes the financial rudder and negotiates with printers and trade customers. He occasionally wears shirts that he shouldn’t, but at least he no longer dances at sales conferences.

Clare Jackman:

Clare Clare is the first of the good-looking members of our team. She is our marketing manager and has editorial talents too – she is our copyright and permissions guru. Clare was instrumental in getting our publishing company off the ground. She starts work before the birds start cheeping and makes it her mission to tell teachers and students all about our resources and not letting a customer down. To describe her as conscientious is like saying that Dame Kelly Holmes was good at jogging. We would be utterly lost without her.

Saskia Santos:

Saskia Saskia is another team member who makes the men look like turnips by comparison. She is the WD40 on our purring business engine. Saskia is often the voice at the end of our phone dealing with sales enquiries, coordinates the distribution of our books and administrates the business. There is not much that Saskia doesn’t do including moving large hills and big mountains to keep our customers satisfied. She has the patience of a Saint – specifically Saint Teresa of Avila who is the patron saint of headache sufferers.

Geoff Tuttle:

Geoff Geoff is the Roy Keane of our team - the midfield general of our production squad. He’s an extremely talented editor who manages schedules and everyone involved in each project as effectively as the London 2012 Organising Committee. Geoff works 23 hours out of 24 and uses the other hour to watch cricket and American Football. Geoff doesn’t appear to sleep very much, but when he does he is probably doing some proofreading at the same time. Geoff keeps Rick, Pete and Nigel on the straight and narrow. Illuminate would be lost at sea without him.

Nigel Harriss:

Nigel Nigel is the hairiest member of our team by far. He is also the creative genius behind our books and our identity. Nigel’s general demeanor puts Henry the mild-mannered janitor to shame, but that doesn’t stop him designing and typesetting our books quickly and to the incredibly high standard we set ourselves. Nigel works very closely with Geoff and is slightly scared of him. Rick waded through mud to watch Nigel play on one of the main stages at Glastonbury with his band Zirigidium. He’s a talented man.

Claire Hart:

Claire Hart Claire brings a wealth of educational publishing-related experience with her having worked for a number of big UK publishers. She is a brilliant addition to our team. Handily she is also called Claire which means that emails can be started with ‘Hi Clare/s’ saving us all a bit of time.

Vikki Mann:

Vikki Mann Vikki is the newest member of the Illuminate team and is helping Clare with the marketing side of things. She has substantial marketing experience having worked for almost ten years for one of the big UK educational publishers, as well as in the travel industry.


Haremi Ltd. A special mention has to go to our friends at Haremi, especially Paul and Jane – who as well as being great friends, have offered practical help and advice and developed the website you are looking at now. They own a small dog that eats things it shouldn’t and also Haremi, which builds imaginative and inspiring digital resources for students and teachers. Haremi, and in particular Pavel, their IT Technician, also manage our Digital Book Bundles, send out all our Digital Books and provide all-round fantastic digital support. (


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