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WJEC A2 Law: Study and Revision Guide (Legacy spec)

Author(s): Sara Davies, Karen Phillips, Louisa Walters

awarding body: WJEC

level: A2

isbn: 978-0-9568401-3-4

subject: Law

Pages: 96 pp




Written by senior examiners and endorsed by WJEC. It provides complete support for students studying the WJEC A2 Law Criminal Law & Justice topic. Designed to be a course companion as well as a revision guide, each book contains a number of features designed to support students in their studies and help them prepare for their final exams.


Study support:

Essential underpinning knowledge
supports course study as well as revision

Numerous references to law, legal cases and process clearly explain each concept

Key terms are clearly defined on each page.

Stretch and challenge encourage students to read wider and increase their detailed legal understanding

Ideal for topic introduction and summary by teachers as the course progresses.

Revision support:

Q&A section
provides numerous exam-stye questions with two levels of student answers and examiner commentaries and marks so you can see where mistakes are typically made and where marks can be gained

"Grade Boost" provide examiners tips to refine exam technique, improve a grade avoid common mistakes

Unit summaries for every topic provide a visual prompt for remembering key knowledge

Exam practice and technique section offers examiner advice on how exam questions are set, how the answers are marked, and where students commonly go wrong.



Part One: Knowledge and Understanding:

LA3 and LA4: Criminal Law and Justice
Elements of Crime
Non-Fatal Offences against the person
General Defences
Strict Liability Offences
Police Powers
Complaints against the Police
AS and A2 material overlap

Part Two: Exam Practice and Technique

Exam Advice and Guidance
Questions and Answers (with examiner commentaries)

About the authors:

Louisa Walters graduated from University of Wales, Swansea in 2002 with an LLB (Hons) degree and subsequently completed a PGCE (FE).  She specialises in Criminal Law and Civil Liberties and utilised this knowledge to introduce the HNC/D in Legal Studies at Coleg Sir Gar in 2005.  She has considerable examining experience with a major awarding body at both AS and A2 level.

Karen Phillips has been teaching AS and A2 Law for over eight years and specializes in EU, Family Law and Criminal Law.  She is also an experienced examiner for GCSE, AS and A Level Law and AS Citizenship for two major awarding bodies.  Karen also works as an Associate Lecturer with the Open University.

Sara Davies is the Senior Law Lecturer and Course Tutor for Forensic Science at Bridgend College, where she has been teaching AS and A2 Law for 11 years.  She teaches Evidence and Criminal Investigation Procedures to Forensic Science students, and specialises in Criminal Law and Civil Liberties.  She is an experienced examiner and team leader for A Level Law for a major awarding body.