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OCR Geology for A Level & AS

This title will be available from Tuesday 06 June, 2017.

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Author(s): Stratton, Richards, Mugglestone, Armstrong

awarding body: OCR

level: A Level & AS

isbn: 978-1-911208-14-3



For first teaching from September 2017. Publishing mid-May 2017.


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Entering OCR's endorsement process, this student book offers high quality support you can trust

Written by experienced Geology authors and teachers this resource has an engaging visual style and tone which will support students through the new course and help them thoroughly prepare for their examinations

Knowledge and understanding covers the specification content in the appropriate level of detail and is written and presented in a highly accessible and logical manner

Case studies and key term definitions help students connect theory and reality, allowing application of their understanding of earth science to the demands of the examination

Maths boxes to aid with the mathematics component of the course

Highly illustrated with field photography and artwork

Exam-style question and examination performance tips are provided introducing students to the assessment criteria and mark schemes



1. Minerals

2. Igneous Rocks and Processes

3. Sedimentary Rocks and Processes

4. Metamorphic Rocks and Processes

5. Fossils and Time

6. Earth Structure: direct and indirect evidence

7. Plate Tectonics

8. Structural Geology

9. Economic Geology

10. Geohazards and Risk

11. Evolution of Life and Climate

12. Basin Analysis


About the authors:

Fran Stratton, Frank Mugglestone, Debbie Armstrong and Ruth Richards are all experienced Geology teachers, who have successfully taught in schools and colleges. They have also worked closely together at the examination board for many years, producing examination papers and mark schemes. They have all instructed and coordinated teams of assistant examiners during live summer examination marking sessions for Advanced Level Geology. With Stephen Davies, Malcolm Fry and Tony Shelton