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Home Economics

WJEC GCSE Food and Nutrition: Student Book

Author(s): Bethan Jones, Victoria Ellis

awarding body: WJEC

level: GCSE

isbn: 978-1-908682-13-0

subject: Home Economics/Food and Nutrition

Pages: 184 pp


"Very informative..As I deliver GCSE, I have found this book extremely helpful.  I would recommend it also for students who want to revise."

Endorsed by WJEC this new textbook on Food and Nutrition covers course content in just the right detail and provides invaluable support for your students completing their controlled assessments.

Endorsed by WJEC so you can use the book with confidence

Explanations and underpinning knowledge provided in clear, uncomplicated and highly accessible language

A Controlled Assessments chapter provides focused guidance and support for students undertaking the two practical tasks

An Exam Practice and Technique chapter gives advice on how questions are set, answers are marked and provides exam questions, answers and examiner commentaries

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Key features:

Core topics covered in just the right amount of detail

What will I learn?  tells students exactly what they need to know in each topic in an accessible and readable style

Key terms
required for the exam are clearly highlighted and defined on each spread

Revision tips help students make sure that they link the material they've just read on the page with what they will have to do in the exam

Key facts provide useful extra information to help students understand the main points on the page

The introduction to the Controlled Assessment chapter helps students produce their coursework and provides a suggested route through Tasks 1 and 2

Stretch and challenge activities help stretch the brightest students

Activities provide short, focused tasks to help students cement their understanding of a topic or sub-topic

Check your understanding questions help students check they have understood the key ideas on a topic

Exam practice questions provide lots of opportunities for practice and reinforcement


Unit 1: Nutrition, diet and health
Unit 2: Factors affecting consumer choice
Unit 3: Food preparation and cooking
Unit 4: Food hygiene and safety

Topic 1: Diet and health
1.1 Healthy eating
1.2 Nutrients - protein, carbohydrates, fats and oils, vitamins, minerals
1.3 Proteins
1.4 Fats and oils
1.5 Carbohydrates
1.6 Vitamins
1.7 Minerals
1.8 Water
1.9 Fibre
1.10 Terminology
1.11  Energy balance

Topic 2  Nutritional needs of groups
2.1 Babies and pre-school children
2.2 School children
2.3 Teenagers
2.4 Adults and elderly people
2.5 Pregnant women
2.6 People trying to lose weight
2.7 Vegetarians
2.8 Food allergies and intolerances
2.9 Diabetes
2.10 Coronary Heart Disease

Topic 3  Commodities
3.1 Meat and Poultry
3.2 Fish and Seafood
3.3 Cereals
3.4 Milk
3.5 Dairy foods
3.6 Eggs
3.7  Fruit, vegetables, potatoes
3.8 Beans, peas and lentils
3.9 Alternative protein foods

Unit 2: Controlled Assessment
Food Tasks 1 and 2

Exam Practice and Technique

About the authors:

Bethan Jones is an experienced teacher of Food and Nutrition and retired as Assistant Headteacher at Ysgol Gyfun Aberaeron, Ceredigion in 2012.  She is Principal Examiner and Moderator for GCSE Food and Nutrition for a major awarding body and has been involved in producing learning resources and presenting CPD sessions for WJEC.

Victoria Ellis
is an experienced teacher and Head of Home Economics at Gwmtawe Community School, Neath Port Talbot.  She has been an examiner for GCSE Food and Nutrition for a major awarding body for a number of years.

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