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Religious Studies

WJEC/Eduqas RS for Yr2/A2: Religion & Ethics

This title will be available from Friday 27 April, 2018.

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Author(s): Peter Cole, Richard Gray and Mark Lambe

awarding body: WJEC/Eduqas

level: A2 & Year 2

isbn: 978-1-911208-66-2

subject: Religious Studies



Publishing April 2018.


N.B. Originally we planned to publish one book combining both topics: WJEC/Eduqas Religious Studies for Year 2 & A2: Philosophy of Religion and Religion and Ethics (ISBN 978-1-911208-39-6 priced at £24.99), but due to continued delays with matching exam specification requirements for the Ethics part of the course, we are publishing two separate books at £12.49 each – one for each topic.  This means we will publish Philosophy of Religion as soon as possible in early March 2018.  The Religion and Ethics title will follow on in late April.

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Written by experienced examiners and authors, this new textbook provides comprehensive coverage of all the skills and knowledge required for the Religion and Ethics topic for the WJEC A2 specification or for A Level Year 2 of the Eduqas A Level specification.

Entered into the WJEC official endorsement process, offering high quality support you can trust

A clear skills-based pathway of learning firmly bridges the gap between specification content and the final exam

Comprehensive yet accessible books have been carefully created to ensure that students develop the confidence and skills required

Developing Skills section provides help with applying knowledge of both specification content and the issues that are raised

Questions and Answers section provides practice questions with student answers and examiner commentaries

It provides distinctive AO1 and AO2 materials and specific activities that target each assessment objective



About this book

Religion and Ethics

Theme 1: Ethical thought

D: Meta-ethical approaches: Naturalism

E: Meta-ethical approaches: Intuitionism

F: Meta-ethical approaches: Emotivism

Theme 2: Deontological ethics

D: John Finnis’ development of Natural Law

E: Bernard Hoose’s Proportionalism

F: The application of Finnis’ Natural Law and Hoose’s Proportionalism to immigration and capital punishment

Theme 4: Determinism and free will

A: Religious concepts of predestination, with reference to St. Augustine and John Calvin

B: Concepts of determinism

C: The implications of predestination and determinism

Theme 4: Determinism and free will

D: Religious concepts of free will, with reference to Pelagius and Arminius

E: Concepts of libertarianism

F: The implications of libertarianism and free will

Questions and answers

Quickfire answers




About the authors:

Peter Cole was head of Religious Studies and Philosophy at Worthing College. He is very experienced as an A Level examiner, senior examiner and reviser, having worked for over 30 years for three major awarding bodies. Peter has written numerous key books for A Level Religious Studies in the area of Philosophy of Religion and New Testament studies and is a popular, bestselling author.

Richard Gray has studied at The University of Sheffield where he won the Epworth Prize, before taking up a British Academy scholarship at Lancaster University. He has also studied as Research Fellow at The University of Leeds. Richard has taught A Level Religious Studies for more than 20 years and is a former Head of Religious Studies. He has also been a senior examiner at A Level for 16 years. Richard is currently a freelance writer and examiner. He is author of several books and articles for A Level Religious Studies.

Mark Lambe has been teaching A Level Religious Studies for more than 20 years. He is currently Head of Department in a very large and successful Religious Studies department in a top performing sixth form college in Manchester. Mark is a very experienced A Level examiner and is currently a senior examiner with a leading awarding body.


*The contents listed correspond to the Eduqas Full A Level Specification which matches equivalent WJEC A2 Specification as follows:

Religion and Ethics

Eduqas Theme 1: D,E,F = WJEC Theme 1: A,B,C

Eduqas Theme 2: D,E,F = WJEC Theme 2: A,B,C

Eduqas Theme 4: A,B,C = WJEC Theme 3: A,B,C

Eduqas Theme 4: D,E,F = WJEC Theme 4: A,B,C