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Media Studies

WJEC AS Media Studies: Study and Rev Guide (LEGACY SPEC)

Author(s): Christine Bell, edited by Barbara Connell

awarding body: WJEC

level: AS

isbn: 978-1-908682-00-0

subject: Media Studies

Pages: 112 pp



"Best resource in the last 20 years.  Having taught Advanced Level Media Studies since 1990 I can categorically state that this is by far the best resource produced for this course. It is structured, accessible and written in a style that is both supportive of students and immediately accessible to them. Apart from the excellent content the Examiner Tips, Grade Boost, Key Terms and Quickfire questions provide an additional, effective resource for both students and teachers. The greatest problem with any media text book is its realistic shelf life. The approach adopted by the author here deals clearly with the key principles which underpin the WJEC Course, whilst allowing the teacher to select contemporary texts to use as exemplar. My Year Twelve students found it invaluable this year and indeed many bought their own copy! Thank you so much for this invaluable source. I would love the opportunity to shake the hand of the author for making my life so much easier."

Written by senior examiners and endorsed by WJEC this full-colour book contains features designed to support students AND help them prepare for their final exams.


Take a Look:



Study support:

Essential Underpinning notes provide all the knowledge required for exam success

Numerous full-colour examples of media texts, resources and techniques support key points of learning

Examiner pointers focus students on how to use and apply what they have learnt

Key terms help students get to grips with essential terminology

Key people and ideas in Media Studies help highlight crucial concepts

'Quickfire' questions check and reinforce students' understanding as they progress

Coursework and Revision support:

Detailed guidance on the MS2 Media Production Processes assessment provides reassurance on producing the coursework
- Advice on approaches to research and pre-production
- Tips on demonstrating technical and creative competence
- Examples of work from students help show what is expected from the report

Exam practice and technique give examiner advice on how questions are set, answers are marked and where students commonly go wrong

Q&A section provides exam-style essay questions, answers and examiner commentaries and marks. Students can see where mistakes are typically made and where marks can be gained

Examiner 'Grade Boosts' refine exam technique, help improve a grade and avoid common mistakes

Unit summaries give visual prompts for remembering key knowledge


Part One: Knowledge and Understanding

MS1: Media Representations and Responses
An introduction to MS1
Textual analysis toolkit
Print examples
Audio visual examples
Audience responses

MS2: Media Production processes
Approaching MS2
Approaching research
Pre-production approaches
Report writing
MS2 coversheet

Part Two: Exam Practice and Technique

Using a Toolkit for Analysis
MS1 Checklist
Questions, answers and examiner commentaries
Quickfire answers

About the authors:

Christine Bell is a Principal Examiner for a major awarding body and has extensive examining experience.  Currently Curriculum Leader for Media Studies at Heaton Manor School, Newcastle, Christine has taught Media Studies for over 25 years.  An experienced author Christine also delivers training and INSET to teachers across the country.

Barbara Connell is Chief Examiner for a major awarding body and has been examining and moderating for twenty years.  She is currently Subject Leader for Media Studies at Cardiff and Vale College in South Wales.  Barbara is an experienced author and editor of both A Level and GCSE Media Studies books.  She also delivers CPD training to teachers across England and Wales.