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AQA Psychology for A Level Year 1 & AS Student Book

"I found the book very easy to use. The broad subject matter seemed much less of a challenge when broken down into such clear sections. The tips about common misunderstandings and definitions are great. I also particularly like the multiple choice 'quizzes' at the end of each chapter as they gave me confidence about how much information I had learnt and highlighted any key topics that may not have quite sunk in. Overall an excellent way to get to grips with the syllabus."
Becca Gattrell, self studying A level student

5 out of 5 star review, Waterstones

"Fantastic content and presentation.  Having seen this I'm a lot more relaxed about teaching the new spec. I can totally see how students will get their AO1, AO2 and AO3 - my planning time has just been cut significantly! It's AQA endorsed but unlike some endorsed books this one is really readable.”

5 out of 5 star Amazon reviews:

"This book follows the new AQA specification perfectly and is an outstanding resource to prepare for exams and revision."

"A fantastic guide to the new spec "

"Great to read a text book that is centred around the user yet also invaluable for the teacher. And love the digital bundle.  At last a book fit for purpose for the 21st century. "

"The chapter looks amazing! Engaging, great layout and student friendly.  We're excited to see more and use it next year!

Head of Psychology, Newbury

AQA Psychology for A Level Year 1 & AS Digital Book Bundle

Q:  "Does anyone know of any good websites or online resources which are interactive and exciting? "

A: "Have you got the Illuminate digital online book? That's really good!"

Two teachers posting on an online forum 11/11/15

"This is an excellent resource for the new specification that provides a series of visually engaging topic areas that focus well on the requirements of the new exam. The accompanying digital bundle gives the students the opportunity to further develop the independent study skills that are an essential requirement for success at A level."

Mark Jones, South Gloucestershire and Stroud College

"I'm going with the green hair book, due to the online bundle.  We are buying a class set of books to stay in school and all homeworks etc will be set using the online bundle.  If you have enough money I think it's well worth the investment, it has fantastic resources on there for teachers as well as students, for example links to clips, online quizzes with answers to allow students to mark etc.  I think it's fab, so far everything matches up well with the Spec too (I'm as far as planning for the second paper now) so have really studied it."

Teacher posting on online teacher forum, July 2015

AQA Psychology for A Level Year 1 & AS  Revision Guide

"This book is the eagerly awaited companion to the popular ‘green haired girl’ and also complements the revision app….lots of useful information about exam technique, assessment and key skills at the beginning of the book, which will help students to maximise their results. The practice exam questions on each double page spread are a godsend. Double bonus in that you can download answers too. I’ve recommended this book to my students."

Deb Gajic, Head of Psychology, The Polesworth School

AQA Psychology for A Level Year 1 and AS - Digital Book Bundle

Our students find the Year 1 DBB really useful and I have found it an excellent teaching resource.

Head of Psychology, Buckinghamshire

EPQ Toolkit for AQA

"I would like to commend the authors and yourselves for producing such an excellent, detailed and beautifully designed aid"

5 out of 5 star Amazon reviews:

"This book was a great help whilst I was completing my EPQ.  Each stage had examples of previous projects and I found this particularly helpful when writing my own report.  It also gave guidance on how to set out your report and all the planning stages too.  I would recommend this book for anyone completing the EPQ."

"This is a brilliant book. If you are delivering the EPQ you need this students' guide; it successfully 'walks' students through the whole EPQ process. It is equally useful to EPQ supervisors and coordinators. The Production Log exemplar pages with moderator's comments are particularly useful."

"Definitely recommended...I'm currently working on my EPQ and I have found this guide so useful. If I have any queries or concerns I know I will probably find my answer in this book. I find having examples of future tasks especially beneficial since I can now pre-empt any issues I may face and resolve them in advance. Regardless of specific subject area, I can definitely recommend this guide to fellow EPQ students. "

"A brilliant resource for a brilliant idea..This is a very comprehensive book for anyone undertaking the EPQ - which incidentally, is a brilliant thing to do as it really encourages in depth study and research and develops skills in project management which has got to be Useful for both higher education and working life. It's written and presented in an engaging and dynamic way - and is exactly what it says - a toolkit. Useful and highly recommended. "

"Very worthwhile...So far this book as been really helpful whilst I've been doing my EPQ. The examples included, e.g pre project proposal, have been great as its given me an idea on how to set out my project. Overall a great book & would definitely recommend to anyone doing the EPQ."

WJEC AS Biology Student Book (old spec)

"The text is straightforward and the illustrations are clearly drawn and use colour imaginatively to show precisely what the text has explained.  The use of margin space complements the text and is used in a variety of ways that will allow the student to enhance their understanding."

Dr. Marianne Izen, Examiner

"In a world of strict marking schemes it is nice to finally have a reliable source of information that provides you with the correct wording, whilst providing enough background knowledge and description (and diagrams!) to make it an interesting and worthwhile guide to read, thus really contributing to the course."

Biology A Level Student

WJEC A2 Biology Student Book (old spec)

5 out of 5 stars - Amazon reviews

"Great book for A2 Biology, good points to help gain extra marks, good diagrams and excellent helpful hints throughout."

"I found this book to be incredibly useful when learning about a new topic in my lessons.  It broke it down nicely but still provided plenty of detail that's required to get a good grade in the exam.  I'm very pleased."

WJEC AS Biology Study and Revision Guide (old spec)

5 out of 5 stars - Amazon reviews

"This is a brilliant study guide, with just the right amount of detail to answer WJEC AS exam questions.  I would certainly recommend it as a supplement to studies and I will be buying the A2 study guide next September.  The AS guide also contains margin features which are very useful to check my progress as I go through the guide.  I also found that the examiner's comments on the sample answers were extremely informative and provided an insight into the way in which an examiner marks a student's responses."

"This book is great for revising!  It has all the information you will ever need!"

"I had to resit my BY1 and BY2 modules and I found this study guide really helpful.  It's written in a straightforward way that I could understand.  The margin features are great because they make you concentrate on the important points.  The Q&A section is really different and very useful."

WJEC A2 Biology Study and Revision Guide (Summer 2016 exams)

"Does what is says on the tin, I found it very helpful."

"Just what I needed!  It gave me all the information that I require to get a good grade in Biology."

WJEC AS & A2 Biology - A Student Guide to Practical Work (old spec)

"A very good book which lays out clearly what the practicals are about and what to do which sometimes the teachers fail to inform students.  Every WJEC Biology student should read and re-read this before doing their practicals, as many people struggle even passing the practicals."

"This is a small investment for an improved grade."

"This is a really informative book, worth every penny.  If you're heading towards your practical assessments this is a great tool to have."

WJEC AS Chemistry Study and Revision Guide (old spec)

"Pitched at the right level and easy for the candidates to follow.  The content followed the specification closely and I'm sure it will be a big help to students.  I thought the way the calculations were explained was particularly good."

WJEC AS Chemistry Examiner and Reviewer

5 out of 5 star Amazon reviews

"My son has just started this course and has been asking me for help with his homework.  Having forgotten most of the chemistry I ever learned, I was looking for something concise so I could mug up on the subject rapidly.  This book is ideal and even better it shows exactly what examiners are looking for. "

"I bought the Biology book along with this and they are both really good!  They give me all the information that I need.!"


"We loved the book.  We loved the information about the practitioners which helped us embed the learning in the sense of what they could show in their own performances.  It was so student friendly and the students could relate it to their learning."
Head of Drama, Middlesex

WJEC GCSE Film Studies

"A very comprehensive study and revision resource which will really help students of GCSE Film Studies. Students will get help on all aspects of the subject - film language, the superhero genre and films outside Hollywood as well as the controlled assessment. The book is very well-illustrated with plenty of examples and lots of useful tips."

WJEC GCSE Food and Nutrition

"I love your book!  As a non-specialist, I have been using it as my main planning resource to ensure students are well prepared for their exam."

Eduqas GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition: Student Book

"The sample pages of your book look very informative, appear to follow the specification well and I think it will appeal to my students."

Head of GCSE Food, The Earls High School

WJEC GCSE Child Development

"Fantastic, colourful, eye-catching.  Love the revision tips, the illustrations are well labelled, and exam questions are relevant."
"Detailed notes, helped me in my controlled assignment."
"Colourful.  The table on vitamins and minerals really helped me."
Child Development teacher, and her Year 11 students, Powys

"We have a class set and find it a really helpful and supportive resource.  I particularly appreciate the essay work at the end of each topic chapter."
Vocational Coordinator, Manchester

WJEC AS Law Study and Revision Guide

"Can I take the opportunity to say that I think this is an absolutely brilliant book?  The concept is fantastic - I know most AS textbooks nowadays include some advice about exams and examples of questions, but the idea of getting examiners to actually explain how scripts are marked, and show the candidates what an A grade and a C or D grade answer looks like is amazing.  Louisa, Karen and Sara have done a wonderful job.  And the layout is brilliant, too - plenty of variety to keep the student's interest up while revising."

AS Law Examiner and Reviewer

5 out of 5 stars - Amazon reviews

"This book is straightforward and helps clear the fog of the subject.  Good simple ways to improve your grade are given, as well as example answers. Great value."

"This book is a must for those studying AS Law!  It's easy to understand and gives great tips on how to improve grades."

WJEC A2 Law Study and Revision Guide

5 out of 5  stars - Amazon reviewer "Amazing"

"If you do WJEC Law this is a must buy.  I'm sure by the end of the year, the pages will be ruined from overuse."

"I really like this book and it is very useful for my law studies, I am very happy with product."

"My students find that the book is clearly and concisely written and they love the diagrams as they help visually with their revision.  The exam practice questions and commentaries is an excellent section."

WJEC AS Mathematics Core 1 and 2 Study and Revision Guide

5 out of 5 star Amazon reviews

"Excellent complete study guide for WJEC C1 and C2. As a Maths teacher, I would thoroughly recommend this to both students and teachers."

"A must have."

"This book is perfect for exam preparations as everything is clearly explained and everything is together. I have also purchased the Chemistry and Physics books, both are just as good."

"The explanations seem really clear and it focused on my WJEC course.  Lots of examples and examiner advice.  Worth getting."

"This is a fantastic book as it is aimed only at the WJEC C1 and C2 course - so you don't have to worry about the bits you don't need to learn.  I liked the way things were easily explained and the range of recent past examination questions.  I will buy the A2 book for C3 and C4!"

"Great book, contains all the information/formulas/techniques on every topic and great questions to test yourself as you go along, good buy, good value for money."

WJEC A2 Mathematics Core 3 and 4 Study and Revision Guide

"Great little book...
This book is fairly succinct, but it covers the WJEC C3 and C4 syllabus really well. Lots of exercises and past paper questions make it a great revision tool, too. I would recommend this book highly to anyone studying A2 with WJEC."

"Perfect for all my revision needs! Really recommend this for anyone studying the WJEC syllabus and wants to get the top grades! "

WJEC AS Media Studies Study and Revision Guide

"I bought a copy of WJEC AS Media Studies to see if it was a book I could suggest that students purchased as they prepared for their upcoming examination.  I was really pleased to see that it has informative and easy to read sections that focus succinctly on the controlled assessment and the examination component of the course, using relevant examples.  I especially liked the 'Exam Practice and Technique' section at the back, which gave examples of good examination answers and how they could be improved upon.  Many students purchased the book this year and those that took the WJEC AS Media Studies examination in January came to tell me how much they thought the book helped them, giving them the confident boost they needed.

I highly recommend this text as a revision aid and hope that the A2 book comes out very soon!"

Steve Baxter, Head of Media and Film, Birchwood High School

5 out of 5 stars - Amazon reviews

Best resource in the last 20 years
"Having taught Advanced Level Media Studies since 1990 I can categorically state that this is by far the best resource produced for this course.  It is structured, accessible and written in a style that is both supportive of students and immediately accessible to them...My Year Twelve students found it invaluable this year...thank you so much for this invaluable resource.  I would love the opportunity to shake the hand of the author for making my life so much easier."

"This is an excellent support product that fits alongside the WJEC specification and is tailor-make for its target audience.  It can be used by teachers and students to revise the appropriate aspects of the course in preparation for MS1 and MS2.  When will Christine Bell and Barbara Connell bring out the A2 Guide?"

"I would recommended this book to all AS Media students it is a very good book with every little detail included.
Best buy of the year"

WJEC A2 Media Studies Study and Revision Guide

"We have found the book an excellent resource for teaching the course."
Media Studies Teacher, London

"It is well-laid out, very closely matched to the exam with a good choice of case studies."
Head of Media Studies, Devon

"The case studies are very helpful and offer some excellent examination tips for students.  The link between AS and A2 is clear and it is helpful to have the summary of the AS course at the beginning of the A2 guide.  The students were very enthusiastic about both the AS and A2 books.  They especially liked the terminology section in the front of the AS book as it helped them to recap what they had learnt in lessons.  They also commented that it is helpful for students who are new to Media and haven't done WJEC Film Studies or equivalent."
Head of Media Studies, Crewe

"I found the book extremely useful!  I really like the fact that each text is broken down into specific sections with information and specific examples."
Head of Media Studies, South Shields

WJEC AS Physics Study and Revision Guide (old spec)

"The book has been pitched at exactly the right level, and will appeal to pupils and teachers alike.  I am sure it will be popular, because I believe it has found a style and a level that will fill the current gap in provision of suitable textbooks that adequately cover the WJEC specification.  The Physics is sound, correct and all fundamental physical principles have been applied correctly to the different contexts encountered within the book.  There is a wide range of examples and of physics problems, some with worked solutions that cover the whole range of the WJEC AS specification.

Unlike many other text books which support other Awarding Bodies' specifications currently on the market, the Physics is not lost or buried within the contextualisation of the advice given, or the worked examples.  The book moves at a fast pace, but the content is full and focused and follows the WJEC AS specification faithfully.  The worked examples will be popular with students because they are topical, have been written by current examiners and reflect the style and level of demand of current WJEC examination papers.

The summaries, although concise, are very good because they draw together ideas discussed within the unit.  The Physics within them is correct, all basic Physical principles having been correctly applied.

The practical unit PH3 gives much useful common-sense practical help to candidates of A/AS Physics and fulfils the needs of candidates of AS/A Physics who do not study mathematics.  The mathematical requirements needed to make good progress in practical Physics are well laid out and explained.  The treatment of uncertainties is very clear and easy to follow - this is a part of the PH3 unit that candidates sometimes struggle with.

The final section on practice questions which gives students the necessary practice opportunities and helps them enhance their examination technique is well laid out.  There is a good, eclectic mix of definition-type, descriptive, problems and practical exercise questions.

I have worked through all the Physics problems and consider them to be of an appropriate standard for AS.  There are no error of Physics in them, nor misapplication of Physical principles.

This is a very positive review - I can assure you that I have been unbiased in my reading of the text.  It is a candidate/teacher-friendly resource and I am sure that it will be well received."

WJEC AS Physics Examiner and Reviewer

5 out of 5 star Amazon review

"Very helpful, would recommend it to other students."

WJEC A2 Physics Study and Revision Guide (Summer 2016 exams)

5 out of 5 star Amazon review

"Essential - These books are seriously the only reason I passed my A Levels! They cover everything that's needed in an easy to understand way and the examples are very helpful. A great part of these books is that they also contain information and help for the practical exams and I found them essential for the course. I particularly like these as they layout is simple and I personally find it easier to learn when there's no silly/non-essential diagrams and colours all over the page. I'm currently studying engineering at university and actually still use them from time to time, great investment. "

WJEC AS Religious Studies Study and Revision Guide

"This 'guide' is just that - a guide - but a thoroughly comprehensive one, a Baedeker rather than a pocket guide, which points candidates in the right direction, tells them what you look for, clearly explains what they need to understand, and gives them trustworthy advice on where to go next.  Those who heed its advice will not go astray but do very well indeed."

"The authors have created a thorough, comprehensive, systematic resource, clearly expressed and packed with examples and tips that should help candidates to develop the understanding and skills necessary to get good grades.  There is no other resource that is as well matched to this specification."

AS Religious Studies Examiner and Reviewer

5 star reviews on Amazon:

"Found this very useful, highly recommend to anyone doing AS R.S. in Wales, gives excellent explanations, analogies, information, essay questions and pass/fail answers... Get it! "

"Well written and easy to read revision and course text book for AS level students. The philosophical arguments are clearly explained with diagrams, hints and tips and approaches to answering exam questions. My son has found it invaluable. "

WJEC/Eduqas Sociology for AS & Year 1 Student Book

5 out of 5 star reviews:

“Excellent Book!! This is a fantastic book - for teachers or students.  Informative, entertaining, well-presented with good tasks, stretch exercises and extended writing and exam question ideas.”

“Five stars: “Well written. Very accessible.”


WJEC A2 Sociology Study and Revision Guide (Summer 2016 exams)

"Very simple in terms of key ideas of different theories.  Straightforward and easy to use.  Very useful to learn the basics of each theory - I would recommend the book."

WJEC/Eduqas Sociology A2 Student Book

“The content is good and covers the syllabus well in terms of knowledge and understanding. It is up to date and relevant with some great activities to get learners engaged with the material.”


AQA 'A' AS Psychology Apps from Cara Flanagan  (no longer available - new Psychology App coming Spring 2016)

"Super helpful Really good layout, what used to be my worst module is now my best! :)"

"Amazing - 5 star
This app has everything you need to get an A in the exam, it has every study and fact you need the quizzes really help for last minute revision!"

"Best one out there - 5 star
A simply amazing app and so easy to use.  The fact that it has every study you need is more than useful."

"A fantastic resource - 5 star
This is a brilliant resource for Psychology revision - I will be recommending it to my AS students to help them!  Excellent layout - contains detailed information while also having a brief option, the quizzes are fantastic as a quick test and the glossary means students can access key terms easily as they work.

"Great App!
It's so easy to get to key information and it makes revision so much easier! Love the example questions and quizzes too.  Would definitely recommend to anyone about to sit exams or even if you are just interested in psychology!"